Samstag, 24. März 2018

Terrain again

Ich liebe ja günstige Fahrzeuge für meinen Tisch. Diesmal eine Raupe für 2,50€ mit alten GW Ketten verfeinert.

I love cheap vehicles for my gaming table. This time a caterpillar for 2,50€ improved with old GW tracks.

Freitag, 23. März 2018

Harley in progress

Langsam nähert sich auch dieses Projekt der Vollendung.

Slowly this project is coming to its final stages.

Dienstag, 13. März 2018

Review time - rotten factory

Today I want to show you something really cool – compatible to many fantasy games eg. AOS or Frostgrave: The stunning figures from rotten factory ( The forces of chaos are really iconic, but my favorite god always was the master of decay. Rotten factory brings us a great range of mutated chaos warriors presenting the foulness and decay in a most positive way. 

First things first: I have to say that I have a little fetish for nice packaging – especially if it is connected to the stuff inside. Rotten factory delivers their stuff in a paperbox printed with their logo – really nice. Inside the box were three figures I show you today: Koliath the Conqueror, Hrumm and a Demon Minion.

The figures are made of a light grey resin. The resin looks quite durable. The quality of the cast is really fine. Only a small amount of fishskin and no airbubbles occure. The seams are minimal, so you don’t need much time if you start to paint them. 

Concerning the design the figures are really fresh. All of them are designed and sculpted by talented Paweł Jakub Górecki. One of his specialties seems to be fur, as this is really well made and very fine detailed. The figures have classic elements and some more modern design features. They look a bit more adult then the figures from '"big G" but not as explicit as for example some helldorado designs. I like especially the figures that modernize the classic 80s look. Hrumm is great example how classic designs can be transformed to a modern level – well done rotten factory. 

Another important fact is always the pricing. Rotten factory is a true winner in this category. The price is really fair. For under 10€ you get an extraordinary casted piece of resin – other companies in this level charge much more. Shipping is fair as well.


Rotten factory is offering the chance to create a unique army for most fantasy skirmishers out there. The figures will make a great addition to every large army with a chaos and especially decay theme. The pricing is fair and the quality magnificent. The only small minus is that they don’t come with a base – but I guess all of you will have enough bases to solve this problem. I really reccomend taking a closer look at their range at

+great designs
+fantastic quality
+fair price
-no gaming bases included

Mittwoch, 7. März 2018

Freitag, 2. März 2018