Freitag, 6. April 2018

Iron Golem Halflings

Small – smaller – Halflings

Today I present you another review: an Iron Golems Halfling Team for Blood Bowl.
I received four players I want to show you today.

Iron Golems is a small company from Valencia, Spain, run by Lucas and Ricardo. As both are players as well, they dedicate their time to create high quality miniatures and products for their favorite game - Bloodbowl. Until now they offer a human team, elves and dwarfes plus some star players. The next big thing is rather small: Halflings.

If you compare the designs to the Halflings from big G they look more realistic and somehow more „dirty“ – in a positive way. If Halflings have allways been a fun team (or army in Warhammer). But these fellows look badass.

The miniatures are produced in high quality resin. I guess it is nearly impossible to cast these in metal, due to the details. The quality of the production miniatures is perfect. All details are smooth and even the smallest parts are awesome casted, for e.g. spikes.
The only drop of bitterness is the fishskin. It is not too much but enough to mean a little bit of cleaning work.

The figures are designed totally cool: They look modern and violent but without loosing the humor Halflings need. Forks and Bowls are typical kitchen-elements found on this little guys.

I am unsure if the design of the spikes and other small breakable elements will work on hard used resin gaming figures, because resin breaks so easy.
The spikes are the finest and sharpest spikes I have seen till now on resin figures, even on display figures in larger scales and it looks so amazing.

The figures came with bases in the 2017 edition base size – in my opinion a bit large for these little figures, but that might be a question of taste.
Iron Golems send me some skill markers for the bases as well. A realy nice idea. Until now the easiest way I have seen to apply the skill color to a base. They fit really perfect to the bases.


Iron Golems brought us a fantastic new line of figures presenting one oft he most iconic Fantasy-Football-teams. They will be a joy to paint and an eyecatcher on every field.
+ great cast
+ only some cleaning, no glueing
+ fantastic designs
- fragile spikes – lifespan on the field unknown

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